Gashed - the Ash webzine

a wretched hive of scum and villainy

Issue #1 ~ 100% Un-official, un-censored and W***ers free


Hello there and welcome to issue no.1 of the new Ash-webzine, Gashed. This zine is run by a collective group of fans from across the world that have banded together and knocked out a few good pieces of work for your enjoyment. In our debut issue we have articles, reviews, exclusive interviews with the band and, to use the general expression, much more. Sit back, stick your favourite track on and enjoy whilst we regroup during the main tour in preparation for issue.2, coming your way soon.
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The 'difficult 2nd issue' is due out before Christmas with loads more exclusive Ash content, as well as all the regular features. Send us an e-mail to be alerted to it's release...or just keep an eye on the Ash board :)